The One Thing You Must Do On Social Networks

By Billy Burle

There is certainly no shortage of social media advice out there saying you must have a strategy, calculate an ROI, get more followers, schedule or don’t schedule posts, be human, be awesome and on and on and on. While these are good discussions to have, I won’t be having them here, not today anyway. Instead, I want to to talk to you about one thing that will have the greatest impact – reply. Reply to posts. For the love of all that is good and holy in this world – reply to posts. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Yet so few do it! I’m completely baffled when I hear that anywhere from 60%-90% of social media posts to companies go unanswered or ignored. This summer I attended an event put on by Google, where they said 95% of posts to brands on Google+ go unanswered. That’s the equivalent of : (more…)


6 Sales Management Tips I Learned from Hockey

By Billy Burle

6 Sales Management Tips I Learned from Hockey

In celebration of the start of hockey season, I wanted to share some sales management tips I’ve borrowed from the sport.

  1. Build a diverse team with a mixture of veteran all stars and young talent to ensure you’re always planning for the future and cultivating winning teams.
  2. Always keep your head up and on a swivel to constantly be surveying the situation to keep an eye open for unexpected obstacles.  The minute you drop your head you could get knocked out – just ask Eric Lindros.

  3. (more…)