Foursquare Lists: The Best Feature You’re Not Using

Before the days of Amazon and iTunes, we actually had to discover new music in person, at an actual store. If you’re not a “digital native” then you probably remember that feeling of excitement you had when walking into a foursquare-icon-512x512record store. This was especially exciting when you knew you had time to kill. So many musical possibilities contained within the sea of cassettes and CDs that lay in waiting just for you. Of course, when you were away from the store you seemed to have an endless list of music in your head that you wanted to explore. But something often happened when you crossed the store threshold, a strange phenomenon that seemed to wipe your memory clean. Maybe it was being overwhelmed by all the choices or maybe it was the pressure of trying to remember your entire list or maybe it was temporary amnesia due to time lord like regeneration (I had to fit in a Doctor Who reference since we are currently binge watching all the episodes with our daughter). Did this ever happen to you? Not the regeneration part, the forgetting part.

Another scenario that follows that same pattern is the process of deciding what restaurant to eat at. We know there are tons of great choices in town (especially in Nashville). In fact, so many great choices it becomes a challenge to keep up with all of them. This is where Foursquare lists can be incredibly useful. Foursquare allows you to create lists such as “favorite places” or “Places to try”. Simply search for a place when you think of it or when you’re reading an article about the hottest new restaurants in town (like this one -> The 18 Essential Nashville Restaurants) and click save. You’ll then be asked which list to save it to. You can also save places to multiple lists.

edleys  Lists











Next time you find yourself experiencing temporary amnesia (sci-fi related or not) you can simply scan your self curated lists to find just the right spot. If notifications are turned on, your phone will also prompt you when you’re near one of your list spots. For example, we were in downtown Nashville over the weekend and this notification popped up.







As useful as lists are, I’m surprised how little they’re used. Foursquare Founder and CEO, Dennis Crowley stated on Twitter last year that “sadly, they’ve been a 1% user feature.”  Are you using them? What are your thoughts on the feature and why do you think more people aren’t using them?

I’ve found lists to be very useful in helping me keep track of my favorite and soon to be favorite places.  All I need now is a TARDIS to get me there faster 🙂




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