The One Thing You Must Do On Social Networks

By Billy Burle

There is certainly no shortage of social media advice out there saying you must have a strategy, calculate an ROI, get more followers, schedule or don’t schedule posts, be human, be awesome and on and on and on. While these are good discussions to have, I won’t be having them here, not today anyway. Instead, I want to to talk to you about one thing that will have the greatest impact – reply. Reply to posts. For the love of all that is good and holy in this world – reply to posts. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Yet so few do it! I’m completely baffled when I hear that anywhere from 60%-90% of social media posts to companies go unanswered or ignored. This summer I attended an event put on by Google, where they said 95% of posts to brands on Google+ go unanswered. That’s the equivalent of :

  • Setting up a booth at a trade show and leaving
  • Having a phone that you never answer
  • Never replying to emails
  • Having someone talk to you while you completely ignore them

Most of you wouldn’t do that in real life so why would you do it on a social network? Just like your better off not going to a trade show if you are going to have an empty booth, you are better off not being on a social network if you’re not going to be responsive. As soon as you get on a social network, the client expectation is that you are in fact going to be social and responsive.

In a digital world, brands are defined by the consumers. I can personally say that when a company or brand doesn’t respond to me, I get the message loud and clear that they don’t want to connect with customers. They would rather you give them money and go away. Do you think that perception builds brand loyalty? On the other hand, I feel more connected and in turn more loyal to a brand that is responsive. It makes me feel like they are a customer-centric organization and who doesn’t want to deal with that type of company.

That’s it. Such a simple act has a profound effect on how your customers see your brand. Be responsive or don’t be there!


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