5 Tips for Disc Golf Newbies

By Billy Burle

If you are new to disc golf, here are a handful of tips and tricks that helped me drastically improve my game and hopefully will do the same for you.  Feel free to share any additional tips that have helped you in the comments section at the end of this post. If you have made it this far and find yourself wondering what on earth is disc golf, I recommend you watch this video: Disc Golf: It’s in the Air

  1. Keep it low!  When I first started playing the birds flying 30 feet above my head were in mortal danger.  My drives were high, short, and consistently off target.  Once, I began focusing on keeping the disc low, and when I say low I mean 3-4 feet off the ground, my drives instantly had more distance and greater accuracy…and the birds could once again rest easy.
  2. Pick a target and line up to it.  I always pick a very specific target to aim at which is usually not the basket since most discs will fade left at the end of it’s flight.  I tend to pick a small target like a tree, a branch, or a post.  Once I have my target, I make sure my stance and my leading shoulder are in line with the target and I do my best to keep my eye on it throughout the entire throw.
  3. Don’t neglect the follow through.   This is an easy mistake to make for ball golfers and disc golfers alike.  Once the disc leaves your hand your “swing” is only half over.  If you get sloppy or stop short of a full follow through your disc is sure to stop short as well.
  4. Know what discs do what. I wont spend a lot of time here other than to say that if you are new to disc golf you should do yourself a favor and spend some time researching the flight paths of each disc.  You may find that the disc you can’t get to fly straight isn’t made to fly straight.  See the chart and link below for disc flight paths.  Also note that these paths change if playing in windy conditions but I’ll save that for another post.

    Innova Flight Paths

  5. Practice off the course.  This is probably the most valuable tip I can share.  Us disc golfers love to be on the course so it’s often hard for us to skip a round in order to find an open field to throw drive after drive.  However doing so not only allows you to try out different techniques, it also helps build muscle memory and will boost your confidence when on the course.  I’m convinced nothing will improve your game more – just make sure to take an advil or two afterwards.

Let me know if these tips work for you and/or if you have others you want to share. For additional tips I also recommend the Deep in the Game Series (http://www.discmania.net/deep-in-the-game/) featuring disc golf’s #1 ambassador, Avery Jenkins.


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