6 Sales Management Tips I Learned from Hockey

By Billy Burle

6 Sales Management Tips I Learned from Hockey

In celebration of the start of hockey season, I wanted to share some sales management tips I’ve borrowed from the sport.

  1. Build a diverse team with a mixture of veteran all stars and young talent to ensure you’re always planning for the future and cultivating winning teams.
  2. Always keep your head up and on a swivel to constantly be surveying the situation to keep an eye open for unexpected obstacles.  The minute you drop your head you could get knocked out – just ask Eric Lindros.

  3. Work hard every shift on the ice.  Sales people should set up specified uninterrupted times to be talking to clients and prospects.  I’ve heard some refer to these times as your money hours – everything not having to do with making contact should be done outside of this time.  Think of these blocks of time as your shifts on the ice and be sure to go hard every shift.
  4. Prepare and practice often.  Some of the best salesman and presenters I have seen admit they practice presentations at least 30 times beforehand.
  5. Stay out of the penalty box by always playing fair.  Competition doesn’t have to get ugly.  Bashing the competition reflects more negatively on you than you think and who knows one day you may get traded to the same team you bashed.
  6. The most widely used phrase in hockey is “throw the puck at the net and good things will happen”.  Always be shooting the sales puck – some are shot at an open net and some may seem like a long shot but as Wayne Gretzky said “you will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.

I’ll leave you with this final thought – LET’S GO PREDATORS!


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